The program includes online talks and interactive session by key specialists in AI/pathology.


Presentation of Projects for participants  (25/01/2022) Online


Basics of Pathology and Oncology (10/02/2022) Online


Introduction to Python and AI, basic concepts and application (14\02\2022 - 18\02\22 - 21\02\2022-25/02/2022) Online


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (07/03/2022-14/03/2022)

Whole Slide Images: Structures and Introduction to QuPath (21/03/2022) Online


Hands-on end-to-end AI skills in digital pathology (28/03/2022, 04/04/2022) Online


Tumor staging: Gastro-Intestinal, Liver, Genitourinary (14/04/2022) Online


Imaging Data other than HE, Molecular biology and data types (17/05/2022) Online


In-person session/Projects (20/09/2022, 21/09/2022, 22/09/2022) Hybrid


Advanced techniques for AI in Pathology (10/10/2022)  Online


+ Small groups sessions with your tutors for the hands-on projects


Talks will be recorded  and will be available as video files (in case you are unable to attend a session)