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Dr Fayyaz Minhas
Dr. Minhas is an assistant professor at Warwick Department of Computer Science and the PathLAKE consortium. He works on solving problems in biology and medicine using machine learning methods. Specifically, he is interested in designing machine learning models for integrating digital pathology and bioinformatics data for improved treatment of cancer.


Dr Pete Bankead
Dr. Bankhead is a senior lecturer at the university of Edinburgh.
He is  interested in developing new and practical approaches to analyse whole slide scans of tissue, collaborating with pathologists  to apply these methods to answer important biomedical questions. He created the QuPath open source digital pathology platform, a  software used by labs across the world for a wide range of image analysis applications.

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Dr Jeanne Shen
Dr. Shen is assistant professor in the Pathology Department at Stanford. She is specialized in liver and gastrointestinal diseases and tumors, and is the associate director (Pathology) of the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging (AIMI) at Stanford University. 

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Dr Yu Fu
Coming from a background of applied mathematics, Yu completed her PhD study at Gustave Roussy focusing on prognostic modeling of targeted therapies based on tumor molecular profile for cancer patients. She then worked at EMBL-EBI for more than 2 years where she developed machine learning and AI models in digital pathology. Yu currently works at Owkin as a senior data scientist.  


Dr Jacqueline Fontugne
Dr. Fontugne is a pathologist specialized in the field of Genito-Urinary pathology. After a research fellowship on molecular heterogeneity of prostate cancer (Rubin Lab, WCMC, NY), she obtained a PhD on the molecular alterations of bladder cancer (Molecular Oncology team, Institut Curie, Paris). She then joined the departments of pathology of Institut Curie and Foch Hospital.


Narmin Ghaffari Laleh
Narmin Ghaffari Laleh is a data scientist and research assistant in Jakob Kather's group, Uniklinik, Aachen, Germany. She develops AI based innovative approaches to process whole slide images and predict numerous clinical and molecular features from histological images.


Pr Julien Calderaro
Pr. Calderaro is  professor  in the Department of Pathology at Henri Mondor University Hospital, Créteil, France. He is specialized in liver diseases and tumors, and works in close collaboration with data scientists to develop clinically useful AI based pathology.


Dr Jakob Kather
Dr. Kather is assistant professor and physician at Uniklinik Aachen, where he leads a research group focussed on the development of innovative AI based pathology models.He noticeably published some of the pioneering studies in the field of AI based pathology.


Dr Stefano Caruso
Dr Stefano Caruso is a bioinformatician working on various large-scale/ high-dimensional biological data with a strong background in molecular and cellular biology of cancer. He has a articular expertise in biostatistics.

Christophe Klein
Christophe Klein is a research engineer specialized in analysis of medical and biological images. He is in charge of the  imaging facility of the Centre des Cordeliers "CHIC" platform and develops methods to quantify several features from histological and cytological images